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Of all the projects I've ever been lucky enough to work on, Kingdom O' Magic was possibly one of the hardest, but definitely one of the most enjoyable.

With over 100 locations, more than 90 characters, a 70,000+ word script and 3 different quests, it was always going to be a challenge but that only went to make the finished game and subsequent awards all the more satisfying.

I really love the game because it was designed around the principal of a "working world" which the player could explore and influence without feeling he or she was just "on rails". Although we were unable to achieve everything we wanted, the satisfaction of seeing other characters doing unexpected things, or finding shortcuts to particular problems was just great.

Developed and published by SCi, the game was extremely well-received by critics on both sides of the Atlantic, winning the coveted Platinum Award from PC Power, a CGR Golden Triad Award, and Adventure Of The Year from Gamezilla.

"Kingdom O' Magic is sure to be one of the best adventure games of '96 and beyond... high fun, recalling some of the truly great games from Infocom... an absolute must-have." - 92% - Computer Games Review

"An original breath of fresh air into the adventure market. SCi should sell a bucket-load of these." - 91% - PC Home

"No other comedy RPG has succeeded in so many vital areas." - Recommended. - Computer Player

"It's a very funny adventure that demands to be played a lot." - 86% - Computer & Video Games

"It really is bloody good, well thought-out and a scream to play... Kingdom O' Magic is brilliant." - 92% - PC Power

If you haven't played Kingdom O' Magic, or want to know more about it, follow the link below to download the original recording script! And don't forget to visit SCi, the place where it all began!

Please note I am NOT aware how to make original copies of Kingdom O' Magic work on your recently purchased Windows XP system (or on mine) but if anyone figures out how, please let me know so I can post the info here.


The Kingdom O' Magic Script

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